From Humble Beginnings

Dynatex have been designing, developing and manufacturing blank firing devices (blank firing grenades or BFG's) for over 30 years right here in the UK.

The three devices (The Original - Timed, The Dominator - Impact and a device that was specifically developed for military and police training application) have been through rigorous testing and development before taking the blank firing market by storm.

All Dynatex devices feature patented "Time fire delay" and  "Toggle Head" technology making them reliable, robust and diverse. The Original and The Dominator are fully supported and if you have a problem with your device this can be sent back to the workshop to be serviced or repaired - Our friendly and knowlageble technician are always on hand to answer any technical questions a customer might have about the device and also to assit with any trouble shooting or issues they might be having.


Dynatex devices have a wide range of applications including:

  • Law enforcement training
  • Military Training
  • Additional Stress simulation at the range
  • Room clearance training drills
  • Scenario based firearms training
  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Gelsoft

Cartridge Type

Devices pre Jan 2020:

  • .209 Shotgun Primers
  • Rimmed 0.38/9mm Blank
  • 12G Shotgun Blank (Law Enforcement and Military use Only)

Devices Jan 2020 onwards:

  • .209 Shotgun Primer